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Re: Event 1 - Results posted - PMSC - Kawartha Downs, Peterborough

Originally Posted by AndrewR View Post
We all agree that the number of classes are too many, and that the clubs should decide how many and when.

This means to formally put in place a structure for 2014. 2013 is a trial of that, with concrete numbers to go forward.

Honestly, adding more classes means more classes of one or two cars, competitors have said they don't want that.

After Picton and we have a good idea of class sizes, suggestions will be taken for merging.

After all, most paxes are quite close. - excluding Mike's Monster car of course.
I'm not talking about adding classes...and if you're talking about the RT classes, I couldn't care less about them...they don't affect me. If these guys want RT, they're going to have to fight for it (apparently) for themselves...BUT...I thought it was agreed upon at the workshop that we WOULD have RT...and that we WOULD have family scoring.

The only thing that wasn't decided at the workshop was if we would group any of the families together. If THAT is what you want input If you want input on a totally different method of grouping the classes, then I have an issue.
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