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Rule Changes for 2018

Every year the CCC and Ontario Time-Attack Organizers (OTAO) try to assess the existing rules and keep the competition as close as we can.

There has been some concern about the "drift" of what is considered a "street" tire, the increasing sophistication of aerodynamics among competitors and whether on not we want to limit the use of a head and neck restraint system.

Although the final wording of some of theses changes and additions to the rule book are still being finalized, below is the list of approved changes for the 2018 Ontario Time-Attack series

1) Oil catch cans will be allowed as an authorised modification
2) Removal of catalytic converters will be allowed as an authorised modification as long as there is still at least one functioning catalytic converter in place
3) In a trial for the 2018 season, the Toyo 888, 888R and RA-1 tires will be considered street tires at zero PIPs
4) The use of a sequential transmission will be 1.5 PIPs
5) The penalty section of the rule book will be reworded to charge a minimum of a 10 performance index increase in PI for every undeclared 0.5 PIPs on a PIP schedule used in competition up to and including complete expulsion from an event at the discretion of the event steward(s)
6) Rule # 5.1.A3.6 will be extensively re written to deal with the improvements in aero developments including the addition of aero PIPs as follows
a) Any change to the underbody between the front and rear wheels including both vertical and horizontal skirts 0.5 PIP
b) Rear diffusers behind the rear axle and/or removal of the rear bumper skin 1 PIP
c) Addition of front diffusers and/or fender venting for diffuser (either at the top of the fender or rear of the fender 0.5 PIP
d) Hood venting if included with the use of an air dam or splitter 0.5 PIP
e) Addition of dive planes or Canards 0.5 PIP

Also, although not actually part of the rule book, the following changes to car classifications will be put in place:
1) The 2015-2017 Ford Mustang increases from a handling index (HI) of 45 to 50
2) Cars with dual clutch transmissions will be considered model variants and will be assessed a handling index (HI) of 5 higher than the standard 3 pedal, single clutch models

At this stage, the intent is to relax the requirement that only cars that have roll over protection can use a head and neck restraint. We are still working out the final requirements and rule wording for mounting of the shoulder straps for a 6 point harness.
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