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Re: Event 1 - Results posted - PMSC - Kawartha Downs, Peterborough

Originally Posted by Cliff96 View Post
Just to clear things up, there are as many different ways to class cars, some more fair then others - but on the hole it was decieded a couple of years ago, by the member clubs to move away from the ASN/FIA classes to the SCCA class structure. It makes it easier for those that want to compete in la belle province, in the states, or with another club that also uses SCCA classes (I'm pretty sure MCO, St. LAC, TLMC, WOSCA all run SCCA classes), and eliminates any perceived bias towards the rulebook/pax#/car class comittees.
Sorry to pull this back up, but to clarify something for anyone considering coming to Ottawa or doing a regular St LAC event, neither club uses the SCCA classing structure. Both use relatively unique classing systems that work for the demographics of each club.
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