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Re: WIL: Shannonville OTA 2017

1. Everyone was pretty polite and patient with me at timing for going through a SNAFU. We got things running and everyone was happily driving and no lynch mobs formed. Thank you to everyone for understanding. To quote Homer Simpson:

2. Being my first time doing any hot laps at SMP (I've only been there as a ride along and did alligator lapping), I really really like the track layout but HATE the surface! That bump on the return to the front was super difficult to figure out how to maximize entry. Part of the fun I guess!

3. Learnt and adapted a ton from going from Pro to Long track. Rob H. proved to be a VERY perfect bunny to chase and I did all my best laps with him in front.

4. I need new engine mounts... I missed 3rd gear on the back straight and it took me almost two seconds to find it.

5. Between running between timing and my car, this is where having a stock car shines - no need to mess around with anything except maybe tire pressures!

6. Clean up afterwards can be hectic. Need to make a list for future volunteers.

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