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Re: 2 ice racers for sale

Yes I'll be going back to SS4 to chase Andriy's tercel.

I intend to use a Suzuki Aerio mostly because they are 4x100 and all my light13" wheels should fit one without adapters etc.

Doubt I'll get one down to the weight of the tercel and their UGLY and Auto trans only.....jeesh I'm really shooting myself in the foot here.

I have a couple turbos on the shelf,if I find time maybe one will find its way onto an Aerio after the 1st shakedown season,I'm allowed in the rules to do it so no protests allowed.

If that's not enough I have a couple VERY big wings kicking around still....

No interest in either car yet,not surprised with typical ice racers being thrifty AND waiting until the 1st week of January to think about getting a car together.
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