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Re: A hard look at the `street racing' law (article)

I've actually been watching for "stunt driving" in the last few weeks. I can break down most of it into a couple of categories:

1. People in front of my house. It's a rural town with an 80-60-40 kph limit that is roundly ignored. Honestly 1 in 5 cars would be impounded if the cops ever set up a radar trap.

2. Contractors in white vans beating the light at QEW and Mcleod. I see 1 or 2 every day that turn left in front of traffic just as the light goes green. This is specifically called out in the law as an impoundable offence.

3. People in pickup trucks. I don't know what it is, but guys in pickups like to squawk their tires... Since "intention to break traction" is an impoundable offence, they are street racing.

Then of course, there is this:

Keeping in mind the general state of truthiness on the internet, I haven't totally freaked out about the above post, but how is it that you can't race on the street, but your track events can be held against you?
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