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Re: Event 4 - Results posted - PMSC - Peterborough, ON

Originally Posted by thgear View Post
any word on the overall results?
the current version axware is a giant cluster f

Now that I have that off my chest, I don't have access to the first two events to push the results in the year end format we need with v13 of the software.

To do this I need to re-install v14 on my pc, but it won't let me do that due to a licensing issue (and I don't want v14 touching the timing PC because it's junk), so I've been back and forth with support for the past couple of days to try and sort it out, unfortunately no closer right now then when I started last week, other then sinking about 8 hours into it so far.

I have a couple other things to try before I start typing all of event 1 & 2's data in manually into the older version later this week.
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