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Re: My first season with OTA

Originally Posted by leifmadsen View Post
Thanks for writing this up! I've been wanting to get into tracking my car as well, and have done a couple of autocrosses. Until just recently though, I had to daily the car, but I'm now in a position that we have 2 daily cars, and so my 2008 Mazdaspeed3 is going to get relegated to some track days.

Definitely going to be keeping an eye out for instruction, and see about getting out next year for a few weekends. Definitely looks like a lot of fun! For now, I've just been working on getting consistent lap times in iRacing.

using iRacing is an excellent way to hone skills. I have been doing it for years and find it a great way to learn and to keep the muscle memory in shape. I hope we see you out next year.
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