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Re: Toyo Tires Announcement and Sizing Poll

Originally Posted by Grant Galloway View Post
So we are going to allow an R888R a tire that is classified currently an R compound to be run as a street tire, but we will penalize someone who wants to run any other R compound 5 pips??

This essentially makes everyone have to run this tire no??
Absolutely not! This will only be for the standard "GG" compound we receive in Canada (not the GGG or SG.) We have a good amount of experience now with both the RE-71R, RS4 and the R888R and are expecting this to just add more size options for competitors and balance performance with a longer lasting tire than the RE-71R. The uber street tires don't have as broad a range of sizes available in Canada. The R888R fills in some gaps in the small diameter and ultra wide sizes. NASA already classifies the R888 with the Uber 200TW streets.

Originally Posted by nissannx
Will the RA-1 be allowed the same privilege? Will there be any change in where the RR is classed?
Maybe, we need to discuss that more. Hence why I'm asking for RR vs Hoosier performance data from the Racing group.

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