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Re: Toyo Tires Announcement and Sizing Poll

Originally Posted by Grant Galloway View Post
So we are going to allow an R888R a tire that is classified currently an R compound to be run as a street tire, but we will penalize someone who wants to run any other R compound 5 pips??

This essentially makes everyone have to run this tire no??


A long time ago, the series had no tire rules and essentially if you didn't run Hoosiers, you couldn't win.

The classification of "street" tires vs "R" compounds vs "Premium R compounds" or Ubers as they became known, was based on the relative differences between lap times of these different tires. Certainly a lot of competitors chose to drive their cars to the track on the tires they wanted to compete on, so the tire rules effectively separating the classes by tire types and knowing we had the linear type classification system allowed anyone to compete with whatever tire they wanted.

As we all know the SCCA requirements concerning tread wear ratings have since then basically fallen apart. The Hankook RS3 which used to have a 140 UTQC rating suddenly became a 200 rated tire with no change to the actual tire itself. Now the RE 71-R, Rival S and to some extent Hankook RS4 all claim to be 200 tread wear tires but wear very much faster that most people would expect a 200 tread wear tire to wear. They also go a lot faster than expected of a 200 tread wear tire.

It is hard to get totally accurate comparisons between tires but it seems that the newer "cheater" tires are basically on par with older model 100 tread wear rated tires including the Toyo RA-1, Toyo 888 and Nitto NT01. The newer Toyo 888R may be a bit faster than these 3 but also comes in a much wider variety of sizes. Did I mention that Toyo also sponsors our series?

Personally, I support allowing special classification of the Toyo 888R tire as a street tire as it appears to be affordable, comes in a huge variety of sizes and certainly doesn't blow away the other "street" tire competition. Grant, I don't think we would consider it a "spec" tire, but I really like the fact that it comes in my sizes which none of the street cheater tires do.

BTW, Stephen, I will likely need 2 sets of 295/30-18s if the price is reasonable.
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