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Re: Toyo Tires Announcement and Sizing Poll

RS4 wears harder than an RS3. Which wore pretty damn well. 28 hrs on our current Chumpcar set and there's about 50% left.

Actually can't thing of anything that would last longer on track. Certainly not a 'normal' non 200TW street which would melt, chunk and die.

Point's well made on the RE71s and Rival-S though. Butter.

Edit: To stay on topic. Toyo makes the wider 15's (in a reasonable overall dia: 225/45/15, 245/40/15), no? If I make it back, I'd try them out in that size (the R888R or RR). Quick glance at your top 30 finishers this season, I see 15 cars that could utilize either of the above sizes better than 205/50/15.

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