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Re: ===Definitive Frequently Asked Question Thread===

Ok folks, without this being the official rule change thread, I can give you a good idea of what is being proposed for 2014. This is not an exhaustive list but should touch on the main points. Please note that the CCDB has not been updated yet and none of the rule changes mentioned have been implemented there.

1) All drivers will be able to add their wgt, fully clothed and with helmet, to the wgt of their car for final car classification. This applies whether taking the race wgt option or not. The implications of this are that low hp cars with substantial size drivers will benefit the most. Please note that there is a fudge factor put into the final calculation that means for the hypothetical 400 hp/3100 lb car with a 180 lb driver, there will be no benefit, but for drivers of cars with a higher wgt/hp, there will be varying benefits. Cars with very low wgt/hp will actually see a small increase in PI.It was felt that a number of race series weigh cars with the driver's wgt included so we wanted to give Frank E a better chance of beating daughter Katie in the same car. If a car consistently has 2 drivers of significantly different wgts, we will allow classification of the car with the heavier driver as long as the lighter driver adds the appropriate ballast to the car in a way that is approved by the scrutineers.

2) Race slicks will now be legal in classes other than Open Mod and Mod 1 at +15 PIPs.

3) The full range of wgt/hp used by the CCDB will drop from 35/6 to 33/4 lb/hp. This will drop everyone's PI but a fudge factor has again been added to keep the vast majority of performance indices (PI) the same. The purpose of this change is to deal in a more linear nature with the cars that are coming from the factory with fewer than 6 lb/hp. (And really, we are not seeing cars with 35lb/hp show up)

4 The alignment and bushings rules have been tightened up, such that some bushing changes are allowed for upper control arms, for alignment changes only, under rule 5.1.B.3 but not lower control arms. Also anything that changes bushing compliance, such as a bushing stiffener must be claimed under 5.1.B.10

5 Given that most cars will have a small drop in their final PI, the moles being whacked this year are the E36 BMWs and 2nd Gen CRXs but only by 5%. There may be others TBA but not likely to any cars that are already part of the series.

There are no changes suggested to class structure, tire PIPs, scoring or flagging. Given the success of the competition this year we saw minimal need to do much more than some fine tuning.
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