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Re: Toyo Tires Announcement and Sizing Poll

Originally Posted by Major_Rice View Post
Hi Criag,
The point of the post isn't to discuss the extra $40/tire in shipping, it is to say that this 40% discount that we are getting simply offsets whatever markup is applied to the Toyo offerings... it is completely absurd the amount of markup that has been applied.
I think the 66% markup is probably for two reasons:

1/ to discourage people who don't run sanctioned events from buying motorsport tires for street use only and not understanding that these tires will be slower on the street, not to mention dangerous. In Canada we seem to be much more cautious about this, perhaps as a result of our cold weather and several crashes in the nineties.

2/ In order to get the 40% discount you need to 'register' with the tire supplier, plus purchase the tires from a specially selected group of dealers. Such dealers really understand motorsport tires and have the latest installation equipment. In most cases these dealers also sell other items of interest to motorsport competitors.

Now unless the tires for the USA are subject to 'no duty' NAFTA terms, you'll need to add 6% to the US$ prices for import duty for tires made in Japan. The price gap is not what it was 5 or 10 years ago. At the end of the day the cross border prices will be very comparable, however you'll still need to mount and balance them. All this assuming you'll be investing the same amount of personal time from researching tires to having them on the car.

What I find frustrating in all of this is that several sizes offered in the US are not offered in Canada. And it seems to be the case with most every tire brand.
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