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Re: Proposed Rule Changes for 2018

Originally Posted by Brutus View Post
Does anyone really know if anyone has undeclared mods?

In addition, I think the series needs to have random spot checks of a complete class or classes at events. Much like the Ride Program.

It all comes out in the wash when a protest is filed. Sometimes the undeclared PIPs may be internal to an engine or tranny and not easily detectable by anything other than a dyno.

Originally Posted by Carguy View Post
The absence of the BRZ in the Schroth approved list is why I'm not currently using a four-point belt, however other drivers might benefit from a new rule. Schroth actually states that two of their four-point harness products are compatible with the Hans device namely the Profi ASM II and the Quick Fit Pro.

"The Profi II ASM shoulder is only available in 3" width but is still suitable for use with a Forward Neck Restraint such as a HANS device" from the first link below.

Profi II ASM

"Schroth's revolutionary Quick Fit Pro is the world's first 4 point harness that is designed to be used with a HANS Device in your stock seats! Now the safety and peace of mind that come from driving with a HANS device is available to the Driver's School and Open track day participant."

Quick Fit Pro

I have 2 concerns with this system:
1 it is only available in cars with a back seat and
2 is seems that the shoulder straps are mounted too low resulting in significant seat compression in a frontal impact.
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