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Re: Requests for Base Car list updates here

I was looking at the base car list today and saw that the new BMW M4 DCT was added but at a weight of 3644lbs (60lbs lighter than the older E92 M3). BMW had stated that they saved over 180lbs with the M4 compared to a similarly optioned E92 M3 so I was wondering why the difference was only 60lbs in the database? (Although I'm not sure if that's a manual or DCT for the E92 M3 since there is no note).

Also BMW itself lists the M4 DCT's curb weight as 3585lbs on their site:

My colleague with an E92 M3 is interested in time attack but had asked me why the new M4 is classed so similarly to his M3 when it's supposed to be a significantly quicker car.
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