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Re: Requests for Base Car list updates here

Hey Matt, thanks for the questions.

Q1: yes you'd be taking the 6 sPIPs

Q2: the PIP schedule is based on optimization so it assumes you're taking maximum advantage of the modification. The 07 Nismo suspension may not be optimised for the track so that's why there's the discrepancy. By taking the 6 sPIPs you could potentially put on a better track suspension on the car than the Nismo offers, for example. When considering optimization, each PIP should net about 0.2 seconds per 75s lap.

Q3:The rule book says 'Installation of LSD on a car not originally equiped with an LSD' So it seems that would be a free one for you. (It's also under the allowable mods where it says OE LSD may be modified for free - 4.9.18).
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