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Re: 2017 Regional Results

Originally Posted by notthesnail View Post
Also, isn't it best 5 events? Shouldn't the totals with drops be closer to 500 for people with at least 5 events in?

Or is it just dropping the three lowest values and will self-correct when there's 8 events completed?
Yes you're right, and that might give a better perspective of how the season will end up. The advantage of the current setup is that it's easier to calculate theoretical winner if somebody happens to get 100 pts.

The real reason these results are the way they are is because that's just the default for axware (you configure how many events & drops rather than events & events used). I can switch it up if that's what people like. I could even offer both - it's easy to change that temporarily to print results. There's also a toggle option called "drops effective during season" that I haven't figured out yet (it doesn't work like I think it would).
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