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Re: HADA Tea Team Challenge

Pax Factors:
SPDA - Dinga Ringers Pax Factor
Mike A 0.846
Daniel 0.846
Trung D 0.846
Rookie: Loopie 0.834
Total Times
Group Average

STLAC: Bathtub Ringers Pax Factor
Bill 0.895
Miataboi 0.895
Rob 0.835
Rookie: Raj (Loaner) 0.84
Total Times
Group Average

Wosca: Toilet Ringers Pax Factor
Marsh 0.814
Cliff 0.803
Pete 0.803
Rookie: MikeWolf 0.814
Total Times
Group Average

HADA: Nose Ringers Pax Factor
Wes 0.791
Shane 0.826
Martin 0.89
Rookie: nrg3k_civic 0.833
Total Times
Group Average
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