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Re: CASC-OR Open House at JRP

Thanks for your patience, we have come up with the proper procedures to register for the Open House.

Here are the steps required:

1. Register on MSR if you have not done so previously and select the events you would like to attend.

2. We are also looking for volunteers to help us at the events, so please select “volunteer” if you’re able to do so.

3. When you finalize the entry (for schools, Time Attack, Raw Time Challenge or lapping), the system will prompt you to pay, but be assured that NO PAYMENT will be deducted at MSR at this point, as like last year’s events.

4. Select as many events as you like, particularly if you want to participate both in Time Attack AND Raw Time Challenge. If there is a conflict we can sort it out when all the registrations are in.

5. You will note that the prices are listed as the regular price, in order to qualify for the published discount you need to attend the Open House this Saturday.

6. Our Open House Registration Desk will produce a bill for the discounted price which you can pay by credit card, cheque or cash. Cheques could be made out to 2375322 Ontario Inc. not OTA.

7. We want to make some exceptions for people who live away from the GTA and cannot make it. You will still be required to register on MSReg but after this the procedure is to e-mail a request to to explain why you cannot attend the Open House. If approved you will receive an invoice in through e-mail which you should make the payment promptly once you receive the bill. If you cannot make that payment within that period, we will need to adjust the invoice back to regular rates.

8. Even if you cannot attend the Open House we encourage you to sign up with MSR as soon as possible, to ensure we have room for you since we are running fewer events than previous years. Again, this will not entitle you for the open house prices, but you can lock in the regular price which is cheaper than the walk-in price.

9. If you are new and are not sure what category you belong in either Time Attack or Raw Time Challenge, you can always select “undecided” as a classification, and we can help you classify your car.

10. Should you have any questions on this procedure please contact us at ontariotimeattack AT

Thank you for your cooperation and hope to see you at the open house this SATURDAY between 11:30 and 3:00!
CASC-OR Time Attack Director

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