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Old 04-01-2012, 10:08 PM
Mike Kamm Mike Kamm is offline
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SMCC TSD Economy Run Rally - Montreal - 6/9/12

Click on the flyer for full event info.

Saturday, June 9th, 2012.

A TSD style fuel economy rally on fun to drive roads. The goal is to stay on time while minimising fuel consumption. There will be several elapsed time controls at which you may arrive early without penalty. Controls may only be located at the end of a section (EOS). Penalties will be accorded based on fuel consumption and lateness. There will equally be penalties for leaving a control before the given out-time. No previous experience is required to participate. 100% asphalt. Any car can complete the event without problems. The route is identical to the both the 2010 & 2011 events allowing comparisons with previous results.

Here are last June's results converted to mpg:

1977 Datsun B210 [1.4 liter] 60.40 mpg
2005 Smart [.8 liter diesel] 56.81 mpg
2010 Smart [1.0 liter gas] 58.94 mpg
2011 Honda Civic Hybrid 53.45 mpg
1999 Toyota Tercel 52.38 mpg
2001 Toyota Echo 51.80
2011 Hyundai Elantra 43.23 mpg
1992 Toyota Levin GT-Apex 41.85 mpg
1985 Toyota MR2 30.37 mpg
2007 Suzuki SX4 AWD 31.44 mpg

Distance : 198km [123 miles]

Classes : Gasoline, Diesel & Hybrid(e)

FIA affiliated rally club members : $30 - Otherwise : $40
Michael Kamm
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Old 06-03-2012, 11:05 AM
Mike Kamm Mike Kamm is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2004
Location: Albany, NY USA
Posts: 102
Re: SMCC TSD Economy Run Rally - Montreal - 6/9/12

Less than a week away.

Vermont's Ken Snowman will be bringing his gas class "FrankenJetta" out this weekend to Montreal. He is leaving early on Friday to give himself plenty of extra time at the border crossing!

He's been working on optimizing the profile of his boat tail, and plans to have some paint on it before the weekend.

Event organizer Jeff Dungen added a chin spoiler to his 20 valve JDM Toyota Levin Apex GT.

I am putting the finishing touches on my '97 Geo Metro for the gas class.

Michael Kamm
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Old 06-11-2012, 10:40 PM
Mike Kamm Mike Kamm is offline
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Join Date: Nov 2004
Location: Albany, NY USA
Posts: 102
Re: SMCC TSD Economy Run Rally - Montreal - 6/9/12

Raw results converted to mpg's:

Gas Class:

1. Darin Cosgrove, 2000 Insight: 76.12 mpg.
2. Mike Kamm, 1997 Geo Metro: 64.43 mpg.
3. William Morin, 1999 Toyota Tercel: 53.33 mpg.
4. Francis Reid, 2005 Toyota Echo: 50.80
5. Jeff Dungen, 1992 Toyota Levin GT Apex: 50.15 mpg.
6. Luc Lachambre, 2013 Smart ForTwo: 48.90 mpg.
7. Patrice Quenneville, 2008 Smart ForTwo: 46.03 mpg.
8. Ken Snowman, 1990 VW "FrankenJetta": 43.88 mpg.
9. Chris Werner, 1997 Saturn SW2 wagon [with four passengers]: 41.19 mpg.
10. Nathalie Wing, 2010 Smart ForTwo: 40.14 mpg.
11. Stephanie Beaulieu, 2009 Smart ForTwo: 39.93 mpg.

Diesel Class

1. Frederic Bedard, 2005 Smart ForTwo: 73.50 mpg.
2. Marc-Andre' Lajeunesse, 2006 Smart ForTwo: 62.22 mpg.
3. Michel Cuerrier, 2005 Smart ForTwo: 57.95 mpg.
4. Martin Boisvert, 2005 Smart ForTwo: 48.30 mpg.

Hybrid Class

1. Mathieu Laframboise, 2012 Toypta Prius C: 58.07 mpg.

For the third straight year we had perfect weather! Kudo's to Jeff and the SMCC for another great event up north.

The overall winner was...

Darin Cosgrove of He won overall this year with his 2000 Honda Insight. It is a very efficient car with it's lean burn engine, light curb weight, and superior aerodynamics. And Darin knows how to get every bit of efficiency out of it!

I couldn't have been more pleased with second overall in my "refurbished" stock '97 Geo Metro. The nice thing about this event is that it uses the same route each time so you can compare your results from year to year. I've run in all three events and these are my raw mpg results to date:

2010 - 2.0L '93 Sentra SE-R: 57.74 mpg
2011 - 1.4L '77 Datsun B210: 60.40 mpg
2012 - 1.0 L '97 Geo Metro: 64.43 mpg.

There is more good news, participation for this event was up again this year. The number of vehicles competing:

2010 - 6 cars
2011 - 10 cars
2012 - 16 cars

My Metro parked next to Ken Snowman's wild 1990 gas powered "FrankenJetta".
Michael Kamm
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Old 06-11-2012, 10:41 PM
Mike Kamm Mike Kamm is offline
Registered User
Join Date: Nov 2004
Location: Albany, NY USA
Posts: 102
Re: SMCC TSD Economy Run Rally - Montreal - 6/9/12

Check out Francis Reid's Toyota Echo. I love wild aero mods!

They called this car the Duck Nose Echo.

Underneath view. He had a full belly pan and side skirts like I had on my SE-R last year. This thing was cool!

The turnout from Team Smart Quebec was very impressive with no less than 8 entries. Four were gas powered and the other four were with the .8 liter diesels. The best one was a diesel driven by Frederic Bedard, at a great 73.50 mpg.

Organizer Jeff Dungen's rare RHD Toyota Levin Apex GT had it's best outing ever at 50.15 mpg. This is with a high performance 20 valve 1.6 liter engine with individual throttle bodies!
Michael Kamm
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