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Old 05-03-2017, 12:40 PM
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2017 Radical Canada Cup Rules Changes

Hello competitors!

For the 2017 Radical Canada Cup season there are two notable changes that require your attention. Firstly the series will have a minimum weight rule in affect in order to assist in equalizing differences in cars (and drivers!) and to bring us in line with the Radical North American Masters series which we join for our first event at Watkins Glen, NY.

The rule is as follows:

3.7.1 For practice, qualifying and races all cars must meet the designated minimum weight at all times. Minimum
weight is defined as the total of the driver, inclusive of racing clothing and helmet, and the car regardless of
fuel load.
Radical SR# 1340 1545 lbs

The Radical Canada scales will be at every event and will be available to all competitors for weight checks. I will personally assist anyone who requests it with ensuring compliance with this rule.

The second of our rules that has not changed, but that we will better clarify for this season is regarding the tire usage rule:

3.1.1 Radical specification Dunlop racing tires model #004 (200/15 Front and 265/16 Rear) are the official tire of
the Radical Canada Cup series and are the only approved tire.
3.1.2 Competitors may be permitted to use tires produced by another manufacturer if the supply of Dunlop 004 is
unavailable to all competitors.
3.1.3 Competitors are limited to a maximum of one new set tires for Saturday and Sunday competition sessions.
Exceptions may be allowed at the discretion of the series director providing that the competitor can show
that the tire is unfit for competition, for example if it is punctured or flat spotted.

At all 2017 events the tires used for all official sessions (Qualifying and Races) will need to be marked before the first of those sessions. Only those tires which are marked can be used for the official sessions. Tire marking will take place by a designated representative of the Radical Canada Cup series before qualifying and will be checked on the grid before each official session.

The Radical Canada Cup prides itself on having a thin, simple rule book and one of the best communities of racers in Canada. If anyone has any questions, concerns or suggestions about the rules I advise you to contact myself without delay. I can be reached at or call me directly at 416-569-9329.
Thomas Gordaneer
Radical Sportscars Canada
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Old 05-03-2017, 02:47 PM
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Re: 2017 Radical Canada Cup Rules Changes

Thank you Thomas for clarifying these rules. I think that the tire rule is particularly good to maintain parity and to avoid an unnecessary increase of costs.
2015 Radical Canada Cup Champion
2014 GT Challenge ST2 Champion
2013 CASC Formula Libre Champion
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