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Old 10-24-2017, 11:11 PM
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My first season with OTA

I'd like to start off by saying a big thanks to all of the organizers and all of the volunteers that put in the work to let us have as much fun as we can in a safe environment.

For those (pretty much all of you) that don't know me, I'm Jake and I "competed" in the GT4 class in my 2017 Subaru BRZ (the bright yellow one). The competed is in quotations, because while I raced and made lap times. I think I placed above last once in the 5 events that I attended.
Which is perfect.

I went car shopping with the intention of buying a track friendly car, something that wasn't going to kill me with its speed, or insurance rates. Obviously the answer was Miata; but I'm a Subaru fanboy so I settled for the flat-foured counterpart in the BRZ.

Shortly after purchasing the BRZ I looked into which racing I could do with it, local autocrosses, OTA, and CSCS. I chose OTA because honestly it seemed much less intimidating. I knew that because I had no track experience I needed some instruction, so I signed up for the OTA school held at Mosport DDT.

I honestly don't remember my instructors name, James I think. Like many others here, I can tell you what he drove; BMW135. Regardless, his comments and suggestions gave me the confidence to push myself and my very new car to the limits and learn a few things along the way. That school showed me the type of people that I would be spending my weekends with as well. People who are willing to help others at a moments notice, people who will offer sound advice when needed. It's a nice change from the motocross scene, where people are a little more self-centred.

I told myself (and continue to tell myself) that I needed to maximize my driving behind the wheel of the car, before I could touch anything on the car itself - including tires. I figured that they wouldn't help me that much anyways, as braking and turn-in points for me are still something to grasp accurately and consistently. The stock Michelin Primacy HP in a 215/45R17 were much worse than I expected, but for me they were perfect.

At the first event at TMP I didn't know what to expect, but was excited to see how friendly everyone was and how every question I asked was answered quickly, or I was directed towards someone who would have the answer. My mom and grandmother even stopped by for lunch and to catch some action. (Although, my nana did fall asleep track-side.)

At the last event at Shannonville, I destroyed my left front tire during practice. But managed to get a replacement in time for the timed laps. And still, I was at the bottom of the class. (And that's still okay!)

I'm still trying to figure out the rules and how the point system works (PAX? Is that what it's called?) And I'm trying to figure out how to best optimize my car without having to do any major modification; ie. grip, brakes, and aero. While still remaining in the GT4 class.

All in all I had a great year with OTA and I'm looking forward to competing with you guys in the future.

2017 Subaru BRZ Inazuma
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