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Old 11-06-2017, 12:34 AM
Silex326 Silex326 is offline
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Escort GT Ride Along @ SMP 2017 #6

It could likely be that i'm just not used to the car , still super green to the sport.

But would a set of say Toyo R1R or 888's really be able to help this train wreck in lap times ?

I really need to go over this car this winter with bushing replacements , give it a proper alignment ( 0-toe-an-go was all i did with a tape measure pre event # 1 and never touched it since )The Springs it has do drop the car 1.5" but are stock spring rates ( Mushy )

I've never really driven on an "R-Comp" tire so i dont know what to expect.

Tires used for the 2017 OTA season were Dunlop DZ102 (460 tread wear) ..

I'm open to creative criticism , opinions.
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