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Old 11-09-2017, 07:27 PM
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Race Car for sale

Posting for a friend...

Our GTI race car is for sale and we are motivated to sell the car. We love the platform but have struggled with the engine and the tune. We did not find adequate support for the DTE ECU and should have heeded the suggestion to replace the ECU with something more practical.

The engine was rebuilt in 2016 with forged pistons, rods and a crank. We’ve also had the turbo newly rebuilt and it has less than 2 hours of duty.

The top end of the engine overheated recently from excessive exhaust gas temperatures and so the top end needs to be rebuilt. We believe the bottom is fine but may need rings.

The car has been fully prepared to race and meets CASC tech.

What we are selling is the entire car with a number of spares and three sets of wheels. The bottom end of the motor is in the car. The top end was sent out for analysis. We note the following:

1. Full race suspension plus spare
2. Two seats
3. New driver’s belts
4. New 70L fuel cell
5. Fire suppression system
6. Full race cage
7. Lightly used set of 225/45/17 BFG Rivals on car
8. Second set of lightly used 225/45/17 R6s and third set of rims with old R6s
9. Porsche brakes
10. Limited slip differential
11. 1.8L Turbo set up
12. Rain light
13. Adjustable rear wing and front splitter
14. Oversized intercoolers

Few pictures attached. The car is currently located at Mosport in the 6th Gear Garage.

We’re asking $8K for everything but are very open to offers.

416 809-6803
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Ray Arlauskas
CASC Race Director

CASC Region Chief Instructor
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