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Old 10-04-2006, 10:32 PM
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2006 Agincourt Autohaus Mosport Challenge - Supp Regs

Hello SoloSprint competitors,

This weekends 2006 Agincourt Autohaus Mosport Grand Prix Challenge is fast approaching. The weather forecast looks good and Event #9 is your last chance of the 2006 season to prove who rules your class.

Please find below a copy of the schedule and supplementary regulations for both Saturday's school and Sunday's timed event. Take a moment to peruse them, along with the usual series regs if you need a refresher, and prepare to arrive at the track with a healthy dose of respect for the magnificent, yet potentially menacing, circuit on which you will be lapping!

I wish everyone good luck and a safe race weekend.

Todd Presswood, #65 – Black Mustang
Toronto Autosports Club


2006 Agincourt Autohaus
Mosport Grand Prix Challenge – Race #9

October 7/8 2006

Supplemental Regulations

Event Organization

Organizing Club: Toronto Autosport Club.
Organizers: Robert McAuley (Sat) / Todd Presswood (Sun)
Chief Clerk: Christian Sorensen
Chief Timer: Chris Paczynski
Chief Registrar: Ana Maria Santos (prior to event date) / Gerry Cornwell (Sat)
Chief Scrutineer: Joe Smiley
Chief Steward: Chuck Atkins

1. Saturday, registration opens at 7am. Driver’s meeting (including instructors) at 8am. Driver’s meetings are mandatory for all drivers. Instructor’s meeting at 8:30. First cars on the track at 9am.

Sunday, there will be separate Driver’s meetings at 8:00. Cars are to report to the grid at 8:30, and the first car is on the track at 9am.

2. Wrist bands are issued Saturday morning for both days of the event. They are waterproof, so please shower with your wristband on.

3. No drivers allowed on track unless already registered.

4. Passing is permitted during the school and open lapping. The passing car must have received a point-by. Passing is only to be done in designated straights. These are between turns 3 and 4, the back straight, and the front straight. All passes are to be done on the right. A point-by shall consist of an arm extended out the window over the roof of the car, pointing to the right, or with the right-hand turn signal (indicating the side the passing car is to proceed on). Car being passed should let off the gas to allow a safe pass.

Any car seen passing without a signal, tailgating while waiting for a signal, or otherwise driving aggressively will be brought into pit lane to discuss their driving with the Chief Instructor.

5. The track will be open on Friday night for camping.

6. We will be running 3 sessions of timed laps on Sunday.

7. Open lapping on Sunday will start at 9AM.

8. No passengers in the cars on Saturday – only registered instructors and students. On Sunday, regular rules apply.

9. Only people who have signed the track waiver and have a wrist band will be allowed in the paddock area.

10. Passengers need to be at least 14 years old, and be wearing a proper fitting Snell M95 or better helmet.

11. All cars must be classified to compete before registration is complete. If you car requires classification please bring information about your car (i.e. your car’s curb weight, manufacturer’s listed horsepower and any modifications to your car). Classification committee members, will be available at Registration to classify your cars prior to registration.

12. All cars are required to display the designated sponsor decals.

13. Cars with no provision for a second seat are only allowed on the track when an instructor is monitoring them. Instructors may monitor from another car on the track, or from the pit area.

14. To discourage competitors from cutting the curbing and dragging stones on to the track, pylons may be placed on the stones (abutting the curbing) at the apexes of corners. Competitors who tip or move the pylons will receive a four-wheels-off penalty.

15. The governing regulations for this event will be as stated in the 2006 Ontario Solo 1 Regulations rulebook.

16. Additional supplementary regulations may be instituted based upon experiences during the weekend. Such additions or amendments will be clearly stated at the morning drivers' meetings.

17. Concession stands will be open on both days from 7:30am - 3pm.
#65 C6 Corvette SGT3-S

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