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Old 09-12-2017, 04:41 PM
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Event #5 & #6 Timing Details

Event #5 & #6 Timing Details

Issue: All Event 5 & 6 competitors will be aware of timing difficulties during these events. The paragraphs below explain what we think went wrong, what the effect is, and what we are planning to do about it.

Analysis: We believe we’ve determined the root cause of the timing issue. We think there was a problem with the computer port used on the photo eye beam which we use to capture lap times. The result was that the photo eye beam wasn’t working. Lap times were captured, but from the RFID tag on each car rather than from the photo eye beam. We’ll be confirming the port issue shortly to verify our hypothesis and will have a plan in place to prevent recurrence. (As a side note, regardless of the outcome of this investigation, we’re looking at AMB transponders as a 2018 option. We will discuss this at the competitor’s meeting before the end of the year.)

Effect: The beam (photoelectric sensor) is very accurate and precise, but we weren’t receiving that signal. By changing the “mode” of the software to “lapping” instead of “event”, we still had PAX factors, and lap times came from the RFID system instead of the photo eye beam. We have never quantified the variation of the RFID lap times from the photo eye beam lap times because we have normally only used RFID for Car identification. My data from the weekend indicates that RFID times are similar to a GPS based lap timer. The times are reported to a thousandth of a second like the beam, but will not have the same precision as the photo eye beam. It’s important to note that 1/100th is required per 8.5.3 of our Regulations. Accordingly, the RFID based lap times meet the requirement of our ruleset for valid back-up timing, and are better than the alternative of having people download race chronograph apps to their phone and time the separate cars from the Pit Wall.

You may notice some repeated times in the scores. As noted, the RFID signal does not have quite the reporting precision of the beam, but far outperforms human action for times.

In Summary, RFID was used to capture lap times for all competitors for events 5 & 6. Some other Time Attack series in the U.S. have used RFID as their primary system, so it is in line with our peers. Locally, Sigma Time Attack has used GPS with similar data variance to RFID. Perry and Kevin have been over the DB numerous times and we have the best information available. The information also meets the requirements of our regulations. Therefore, these times are official; there is no more data to mine. We are going to do everything possible to prevent a recurrence.

Thank you for your understanding and loyalty to the series. We intend to continue working to be the best grassroots competitor-focused Time Attack series in North America.

Stephen, SPDA VP, OTA Director, CCC Member
OTA: SGT1 ! -=- CSCS: SSA #842
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