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Old 02-05-2009, 09:55 AM
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FS: 1993 Mazda 626 ES

1993 626 ES
2.5 V6, 5spd manual
Champagne Mica on tan/grey cloth

I have had this car since 2001, at ~130k. I hate to let it go, but I have too many cars right now, and no time or space to do what I’d like to do with this car. It has served me well in the past eight years, with six trips across the country and four seasons of autocross. I like to think it’d be a nice little project for someone, but the reality is I’m the only one interested in competing in and tinkering with a 16 year old Japanese family sedan, and the reality is it’ll become someone’s winter beater. In any case, here are the full details (and I do mean full!):

-2.5 V6 is a sweet little motor. Brand new and stock, it was only rated at 164hp, but it has a decent low end and loves to rev (all the way to 7500) and sounds fantastic. Combined with a lower weight than the competitors of the day, and awesome gearing, it is a lot more fun to drive than it looks on paper. I’ve run synthetic oil only in it since I got it. It does consume a little oil—at last check probably a quart between changes, probably valve stem seals. All stock inside, with a cold air intake (that I might keep), a custom bored 65mm throttle body, and a sweet sounding (but not loud) Borla stainless steel exhaust. RR-Racing polyurethane motor mount inserts keep it all from rocking around too much. Timing belt and water pump were done at ~174k.
-5 speed manual tranny is running Redline MT-90 and has been since 2003. New (OE replacement) clutch @ ~225k in 2005, with new TO bearing and flywheel resurface. It has a custom short throw shifter now, but I think I’ve got a stock one kicking around somewhere too. SS-braided clutch line (if only because it was cheaper than a stock rubber one!).
-Battery is new last year and still under warranty. For the past several years it does a little bit of the old ‘click… click… start’ business, but it has never failed to start for me. I think all it needs is a little clean up of the grounds, some new battery terminal clamps, etc.

-Tokico HP (“Blues”, non adjustable) struts all round, were new in 2003.
-Eibach ProKit springs, Probe GT fitment. They’re a little shorter than the 626 specific ones. I’ve trimmed the bump stops to gain some travel back. The car is fairly low—if you were doing winter duty it’d make sense to put some longer springs in (626 or MX6 Eibachs, or maybe stock Probe GT springs?).
-“” 17.5mm rear sway bar. There were two small runs of these bars done back around 2003/4. The car is remarkably well balanced with this bar.
-AWR trailing arms w/PU & Delrin bushings. These were new in 2007 I think.
-New rear lateral arms, toe control links, sway bar end links, and hardware, all from Mazda (well actually, the sway bar end links came from Nissan!). All the rubber bushings in the rear suspension were in pretty poor shape, so I replaced everything but the subframe at the same time as the trailing arms in 2007.
-I did the front control arms, tie rod ends (inner and outer) and sway bar end links, but that was probably about four years ago now, so I can’t say they’re new anymore I guess.
-I’ve done all the wheel bearings but the driver’s front at one point or another, and I think that one is starting to get noisy.
-CV axles were done in 2003 or 2004.
-I haven’t been driving this car much the past couple of years, and hence the brakes don’t feel so hot after the car has been sitting a while. It’s got Porterfield R4S pads on it, which IIRC have lots of life left. New rotors would probably help feel, if not strictly required, and assume you’ll need to pull the slider pins out and clean them up and lube them. The arm on the calipers for the parking brake is prone to sticking—again, clean and lube likely all that is req’d. SS braided brake lines all round.

-I have three sets of wheels for this car: 15x6 factory alloys with 195/60 Pirelli snows (at wear bars), 15x7 ATS Comp Lite (~13lb) with 205/55 Kumho 712s (I would guess at least 60% tread), and some 15x7s with 225/45 V70a’s (old and well worn, but some life left). I have some use for the 712s (but not the wheels), and can likely find a home for the R-comps, but what all is included with the car is negotiable.

-It is 16 years old, and while I haven’t been winter driving it the past number of years, I can’t make any claims about it being rust free. The rockers are pretty rusty, with a hole through on one of them. There are some bubbles around a couple of the wheel wells, but if you’re used to looking at civics of the same vintage, you’d never even notice. It was painted in 2003 or 2004, mainly to fix a variety of minor dings/dents/scratches and tired oxidized paint. Windshield was new in 2005 or 2006, but is currently missing some trim around it—I’ll likely fix this if it isn’t crazy expensive.

-Power windows, all work
-Power mirrors, work
-Power glass sunroof, works
-A/C, does not work—leak in system, and has been open for a couple of years. R12 system.
-Grey sort of tweedy cloth seats. These seats are super nice and comfortable. Driver’s has had a little bit of stitching to repair a tear along a seam, but not very noticeable.
-Brown/tan dash and carpet. Generally in good shape. Carpet and floor mats could use a good cleaning, which I’ll probably get around to at some point. Maybe I’m just picky though, because I seem to get compliments on the cleanness of the interior, along with the ‘It’s how old?!’ comments. No smoke.
-It’s got the 626 signature ‘Swing’ function oscillating vents, good for amusing passengers.
-Leather wrapped wheel is in good shape and feels nice.
-Leather wrapped shift knob is fairly worn, but still feels better than the plastic ones.
-No radio. I’m taking my Nakamichi deck out of it, and I don’t have the stock one to put back in. There are Infinity Reference components in the front and coax in the rear that I will leave though.
-Air bag light flashes code 12, which IIRC is something about system backup battery. I have never investigated repairing this. Driver’s bag only, as it is a ’93.
-I sort of hesitate to mention this, but the odometer ceased to function this summer. I’m going to pull the cluster and see if I can get it working again. At this point it’s probably only short by 2000km tops.
-Door sills have some sweet ‘626’ embossed stainless scuff plates that I scored in a junkyard in Texas. Bling bling!

As-is, assuming factory alloy wheels only, $1900 OBO. Really not interested in safetying or e-testing, as I’ve got another car to sell, and I’m moving next month. Located in Hamilton.

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Old 02-06-2009, 08:39 AM
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Re: FS: 1993 Mazda 626 ES

Quite a write up - you maybe need a little time alone before the offers start rolling in

I can attest that this car handles well and sounds really sweet.

I loved the swing vents when I had my 626, they are very hypnotizing, as a driver you need to sit in the driveway for a half hour the first time you use them to "get it out of your system"

The air bag light (as John mentioned) is used to flash all sorts of vehicle codes and although it is disconcerting not usually anything serious, mine was a 4cyl and IIRC used to flash tranny error codes.

Happy hunting JD
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Old 02-11-2009, 01:48 PM
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Re: FS: 1993 Mazda 626 ES

Thanks DB...

I actually like this car better than the E36 bimmer I'm trying to get rid of too...
'89 BMW 328iT
'94 Miata--CSP

Fist in the air in the land of hypocrisy!
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