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Old 04-09-2017, 03:44 PM
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New Points System this year - really new

I thought since I wasn't getting anywhere with car prep, I'd do some bench racing and review the rules and scoring for this year.

Whoee, we're gonna have to build Robert a whole new calculator. If you haven't read Appendix O, Section H and then Appendix P section 8.0 for points, you might want to. Of course, P-8.0 is for GT Challenge, but it refers back to P-7.3 which does apply to us and has changed significantly from last year. Probably for the better at first glance, for example it looks like a 2 race weekend gets scored equally across the two races, unlike the double points Sunday race that has been in the rule book up to now. You get points for qualifying, in fact for trying to qualify - now that's the spirit of racing.

All this was precipitated by a question for Robert - are there drops this year? It doesn't appear so from the rules, just want to clarify before the season starts. Plus I need a kick in the butt to get the #31 back together for the Glen. First comment on the paint scheme owes me a beer and has to listen to me tell the story over and over again on why the car is multiple colours. And yes, #61 is staying in my avatar until #31 is photogenically rehabilitated.
Bruce Gregory
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Old 04-10-2017, 05:07 PM
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Re: New Points System this year - really new

We are are using the new CASC points system this year but you will be able to drop your worst event.

I'll paste the section of the rule book which deals with the Radical Canada Cup points:


I. All cars who attempt a qualifying run during the session will receive two (2) points.

III. If a class has four (4) or more participants who have started a lap, the fastest time will receive three (3) bonus points, the second fastest time will receive one
(1) bonus point.

All cars who start the race will receive two (2) points.

a) Finishing percentage
All cars that complete 50% of the overall winner’s distance (rounded up) will receive finishing points.

e) Four or More Starters
For a field consisting of four or more starters, finishers will receive points in the following manner:

Appendix ‘P’: Race Ontario Series Regulations

Finishing Position Points
1st = 24
2nd = 19
3rd = 15
4th = 12
5th= 9
6th = 7
7th = 5
8th= 4
9th = 3
10th = 2
11th and lower =1

a) Scoring for a 3-Race Event
All races will receive points as posted in 7.3.

b) Scoring for an Event with more than 3 Races
All posted point values in 7.3.2 and 7.3.3 will be multiplied by a factor of 3/x, where x is the number of scheduled
points races.

c) Scoring for a 2-Race Event
All posted point values in 7.3.2 and 7.3.3 will be multiplied by a factor of 1.5x for a 2-Race Event.
d) Scoring for a 1-Race Event

One-race Events shall be scored as per Section 7.3.3 above.

Competitors may count only one class score towards the Race Ontario Championship.

Competitors may count points from all scheduled Events.

Competitors must count a minimum of three (3) class scores to be eligible for end-of-year trophies.
Robert Burgess
Radical Sportscars Canada
2013 Radical Canada Cup Champion
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