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Old 10-14-2017, 07:20 PM
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Stilo has terrible customer service

I had a tie rod failure in a PT series race at Calabogie a while back. I went into the wall outside corner 3, and I did bang my head on the cage. It wasn't a hard hit, but it seemed like a good idea to get a new helmet.

I ordered a new Stilo ST5 Carbon helmet, and it arrived in time for the Chumpcar race on September 30.

The helmet is slightly tight on my forehead, but it fits comfortably. Better in fact than my previous helmet.

After my first ~two hour session the front of my forehead was reddened and slightly sore where it contacts the helmet. It was weird because it was completely comfortable and wasn't rubbing or anything.

After two sessions on Sunday it was more than just red, it was clearly a reaction to an allergen or chemical. In places there were little nodules of pus coming up under the skin. That's not an abrasion injury!

So I talk to Jay, and he contacts Stilo. They say, "Oh no, if it was an allergic reaction it would be all over his head. This is just abrasion caused by an improper fit. Not our responsibility."

So I have a closer look at the helmet. Underneath the liner there's a big line of exposed glue residue. Right where my forehead was irritated. And the liner on top of it is all tacky - the glue has soaked into it. And right through the Nomex balaclava onto my head. It's well-known that glues are not a good thing to have against your skin.

In the picture you can see the line of glue, and you can see that much of the glue is missing in the area right under where my forehead reacted.

This is clearly a manufacturing defect. There's no reason for that huge line of excess exposed glue across the front of the helmet.

So Jay contacts Stilo again. Same bullshit answer. They completely refuse to take responsibility for their obvious manufacturing problem. I'm not asking for a new helmet, but I would like them to take responsibility and repair my helmet. Nothing doing.

So we can probably make the thing work by scraping off the layer that has the exposed glue, and soaking the liner to try and remove the residue. So even though Stilo won't do anything to solve their problem, the helmet shouldn't be totally useless. Hopefully.

Anyway, I will never do business with them ever again. And I suggest you all think twice.
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