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Old 02-27-2006, 09:12 PM
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Checkered Flag (The On Topic Posts)

According to the rules, the checkered flag signals the end of the race or session. In a couple of races I was a little confused if I was still in fact racing or not. While passing the start/finish line the checkered flag was held out steady. There was a 4wd car behind me ready to finish the race and about to lap me. At the time of passing the line I was still ahead and not lapped. The flag was then waved furiously as the 4wd car passed the line (as viewed from my mirror). In a situation like this do I still continue to race, or am I done too? It happened to me a couple times, and also the other way around. If I'm on my cool down lap should I give the others who are still racing room to do their buisness? I'm pretty sure the yellow lights or flags were not out either time. I may be wrong, but can someone clarify this for me. Thanks

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Old 02-27-2006, 10:45 PM
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Re: Checkered Flag

It is all very simple if you pay attention.

When you pass the start finish line and the starter is moving the yellow and green furled flags up and down then there are two laps to go. Following along?
The very next time you pass the starters stand you should see the starter holding a little sign that has LL on it standing for Last Lap and it's not 77. So, on the very next lap when you pass the starter's stand you should see a waving checkered. This means your race is over no matter who is lapping whom. If you miss step two the waving checkered flag shoudl be the give-away that your race is over.

The steady checker is about to be waved for the winner/leader that is behind you. The starter will point to the car if it's in a pack. It starts waving after you have passed, it is for the car behind you which should be the leader/winner of that race. You should see him in your rearview and you should continue on until you pass the starters stand and receive you waving checkered.
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