Ice Race Director's Weekend 2 Update

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We have made it through two weekends and no major car attacks, YAHOO. We are looking forward to getting the full season in, so cross your fingers and toes.  I’m excited to see all the cooperation in the pits with helping each other; it goes to show that we are a tight family. 

We know that this a grassroots sport, we are getting the media coverage that we need to increase the numbers each year.  Some of you have brought out new drivers and others are working on getting some.  That is great news and keep up the work.

We started the season with uncertainty that it would happen but with the Kin club working their magic again and Mother Nature giving a little we have a season.  Please when you see a Kin member, please thank them personally. Their work has not stopped yet, they will be out in the cold weather putting more water down to keep our track for the season.  So cross the fingers and toes for a little longer.

I want to thank the organizing clubs for all their hard work in getting the volunteers to come out and make the weekends successful.  Thank you to the drivers for making this sport a lot of fun for everyone.

Last but not least, I want to thank Minden Subaru and Mobil 1 for backing this sport. Without them we may not have the sport, so make sure you have their decals displayed on your car(s).

Heather Beatty
ce Race Director

(Photo Courtesy Jimmy McGlade - http://sportsinmotion.ca)

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