Kinsmen improve Minden venue ...

ice race director / Tag: Ice Racing

Once again the Magic of the Minden Kinsmen shined this past weekend with the installation of a third water outlet, improving their flooding capabilities at the Minden Fairgrounds.

With the help of a few stalwart Racers, Tom Prentice and his gang of volunteers managed to lay 600 feet of water line in a trench up to six feet deep across the venue in a stunning 3 hours!

Had I not been there myself I would not have believed it. With Toms donation of heavy equipment and excavators, this task was made even easier by the fact that the fairgrounds sit on a vast deposit of pure sand.

As you can imagine, there a both the good and evil parts of digging in sand, and once we started, we had to finish, for safety reasons.

Special thanks to the Kinsmen, and the Rashleigh family for making it so.


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