Message From The 2016 Ice Race Director

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Fellow Ice Racers,

I thank you all for the support that I have received in the past as the Ice Race Director reign from both the racers and CASC Office plus directors. I wish to congratulate the new Ice Race Director and hope that you show them the same support.

In the past couple of years, there has been the ups and downs in the series but we have shown that the Ice Race family keeps working together to a common goal.  This will not stop with a new director taking over the reins and I expect he will be given the same respect.

With the media exposure in the past couple of years, Grid TV/Mobil 1, CASC website and The Weather Network to name a couple, looking forward to Proper TV for the next season. The Ice Racing series is starting to make a mark on the map and informing the average people that there is a sport that does not cost huge dollars. Lets keep up the work on informing the public of our fun winter  sport. Were else can you  go to have lots of fun on ice and excellent relationships with ones that share the same enjoyment.

A huge thanks to Tom and Lisa Smith for doing tire and stud testing this past season, racing for no points. Showing that racer(s) not only the director are trying to find ways to keep the sport inexpensive and growing. The solution is out there but we all have to keep working on it together. 

Personally I would like to thank George McCullough for his input on the safety issues and keeping them the top priority.  Bryan Rashleigh for helping drivers with tire mounting or changes, Doug Forbes for instructing Rookie School during the season, Diane Forbes for watching over the 50/50 and sponsor draws. Victor DeCol for upgrading and staying on top of the computer program and the Clubs for making each weekend possible.  I can not forget Minden Subaru and Mobil 1 for their sponsorships for the past couple of years, without them the series may not of lasted and The Minden Kin Club for building and maintaining the ice track.  Last but not least my family (Dan and Tammy) and husband (Mike) for being my sounding board through out the year.

See everyone soon again. Have a great year.

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