Ice Racing Spotlight

Message From The 2016 Ice Race Director

A season wrap up message from Heather Beatty Read more »

Ice Race Director's Weekend 2 Update

It looked unlikely with the weather, but the 2016 season started right on time! Read more »

The "Monster Geo" Story

"The first indication that this was a wild build came when Tom needed assistance to roll the beast off the trailer, you see, there is no reverse gear." Read more »

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Corbeau Seats
Safety & Recall Notice
To All Distributors & Consumers
Corbeau USA, LLC 5-Point Camlock Harness Belt Recall (53001B, 53007B, 53009B)
TO: All Corbeau USA, LLC Dealers, and Consumers
FROM: Corbeau USA, LLC, Bluffdale, UT, USA
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As in years past, this will be taking place at the Sheraton Parkway Toronto North, located at Leslie and Hwy 7.The scheduled activities for the Workshops and Gala will be as follows Read more »

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We're pleased to announce that Braille Battery is the Official Battery Supplier to Canadian Automobile Sport Clubs – Ontario Region.

We have just completed a sponsorship program with Braille Battery for a great discount and rebate program to all our affiliated member clubs and their members and racers.

Discount Package
1. Rotational Discount Package

Braille will offer a rotating monthly discount package on all of its products to CASC–OR and its associated clubs and members. Read more »

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Fellow Ice Racers,

I thank you all for the support that I have received in the past as the Ice Race Director reign from both the racers and CASC Office plus directors. I wish to congratulate the new Ice Race Director and hope that you show them the same support.

In the past couple of years, there has been the ups and downs in the series but we have shown that the Ice Race family keeps working together to a common goal.  This will not stop with a new director taking over the reins and I expect he will be given the same respect. Read more »