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2011 CASC-OR Race School Information

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School 1 – Saturday, April 23rd and Sunday, April 24th
School 2 – Saturday, June 25th and Sunday, June 26th

Location: Shannonville Motorsport Park

The two day school is intended to provide a venue for aspiring race drivers to obtain the requisite training for a novice regional licence for racing, though this is not a requirement for entry – all are welcome to participate. To successfully complete the school, students must perform each of the car handling exercises in a competent manner, as well as pass a written exam.


The fee for the school is $750.00 Cdn. In order to register, you must complete the application form and forward it, along with a minimum deposit of $375.00, to CASC-OR. In order to guarantee your place in the school the balance of the $750.00 fee must be received two weeks before the school: April 8th for School 1 and June 10th for School 2.


On Saturday, the track gates and registration will open at 7:00AM. There will be a ‘meet-and-greet’ on the fourth floor of the tower starting at 8:00AM so you should arrive no later than 7:30AM. You can access the fourth floor via the stairs at the end of the tower opposite the picnic area. The classroom session will begin at 8:30AM. The day will end around 5:00PM. The two days will be divided into alternating classroom sessions and track time – with a one-hour lunch break each day. Lunch will be provided.

On Sunday, the track gates will open at 7:00AM. The first classroom session starts at 8:00AM, so you should arrive no later than 7:45AM.

CASC Regulations:

The Racing Regulations are available in the Road Racing | Rules & Bulletins section of this website. It is recommended these be studied prior to the school weekend if you intend to apply for your road-racing licence. Pay particular attention to those sections on Race Officials, Flag Signals and Rules of the Road and Rules of the Pits and Paddock.


In order to be eligible to participate in the school, each prospective student must be a member of a CASC-OR affiliated club and hold a valid driver’s licence.


Street cars must be roadworthy. Racecars are allowed but must have a properly mounted passenger seat for the instructor. Students intending to apply for a race licence MUST use a vehicle equipped with a manual transmission. If you do not have a manual transmission, you will not be eligible to apply for your novice licence. Those not intending to apply for a race licence may use a vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission (although manuals are recommended). Convertibles must meet the CASC SoloSprint rollover protection regulations. (Contact us if you have any questions about running a convertible).

Formula or open-wheel cars cannot be accommodated.

Students are responsible for the condition and road-worthiness of their vehicle.

Suggested vehicle preparations:

  • Have all fluid levels checked, fill windshield washer reservoir and bring an extra litre of oil
  • Brakes in excellent condition with fresh fluid recommended
  • No leaks
  • Wheels and tires in good shape and properly inflated, consider bringing a tire pressure gauge
  • Rain-X or other such windscreen treatment in case of rain
  • All loose objects will need to be removed from the interior and trunk, including floor mats.
  • A waterproof container, such as a large Rubbermaind storage box, and/or tarp can be handy to store these items and keep them out of the rain
  • The battery should be secure

Personal Preparation:

  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Be equipped for changing weather. The school will still continue in the eventuality of rain.
  • It can be helpful to have someone with you during the weekend to help with any changes necessary for the car while you are in the classroom sessions. This can include fuelling the car, checking and changing tires and tire pressures, etc.

Safety Equipment:

A proper passenger seat and working DOT approved seat belt OR securely mounted race seat with racing harness, all in good condition, are required for both the driver and passenger(s). Instructors will be in the vehicles with the students. Helmet requirements will follow the Ontario SoloSprint regulations: Snell M2005 or newer (i.e. M2005, M2010, SA2005 or SA2010).

A small number of helmets are available for rent through St. LAC. Ask ahead to reserve one if you do not have a helmet. Note that CASC-OR will only accept SA2005 and SA2010 helmets at race events effective in 2011.

Shirts with long sleeves and pants must be worn. Sneakers (or other footwear with flat soles that lace on) are required. No other safety apparel is required.


Shannonville Motorsport Park is located off Highway 2, 10 minutes east of Belleville. More information about the track is available at The track is located approximately 2.5 hours south west of Ottawa (exit #566 on Hwy 401) or 2 hours east of Toronto (exit #556 on Hwy 401). Direction to the track are below:

From Ottawa:

  • Take Highway 416 south to Highway 401 west
  • Once on Highway 401 westbound, travel 155km to exit #566 (Marysville Road)
  • Proceed south (left turn) at the end of the ramp
  • At the stop sign (Highway 2) turn right
  • Drive 2.4km to the track, it will be on your right hand side. Obey all speed limits in this area.

From Toronto:

  • Take Highway 401 east Travel approximately 150km to exit #556 (Shannonville Road)
  • Proceed south (turn right) for 2.4km to Highway 2
  • At the stop sign, turn left and travel east for 7km. Obey all speed limits in this area.
  • Track entrance will be on your left hand side.

From Montreal:

  • Take Highway 20 west towards Ontario – turns into Highway 401
  • Once on Highway 401 westbound, travel to exit #566 (Marysville Road)
  • Proceed south (left turn) at the end of the ramp
  • At the stop sign (Highway 2) turn right
  • Drive 2.4km to the track, it will be on your right hand side. Obey all speed limits in this area.


There are a number of hotels in Belleville (about 15 minutes west of SMP) and one in Napanee (about 10 minutes east of SMP).


You can camp at the track. The paddock is grassy, but has some low-lying areas so choose your tent site appropriately because if it does rain, you may get wet. There are hot showers, flush toilets and cold running water.

If you want to camp at the facility, please let us know; the facility would like to have an idea of numbers.

Additional Information:

If you have additional questions about the school organization please contact

If you have additional questions about course content please contact

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