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2017 CASC-OR Race Division Workshop Report

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On Saturday, November 18, the CASC-OR Race Division held our annual workshop.  It was well attended by competitors, officials, club representatives and interested persons.  The session was Chaired by the Race Director and we got under way at 10:00 am.

For a copy of the Power Point presentation click here:

We began with a presentation from Bob Page about bringing the new FIA Series F4 to Canada, possibly in 2018.  For more information please contact Bob directly at:

Robert Burgess then updated the room on the plans for the Radical Canada Cup in 2018.  They are creating a second class for older cars, just like F1600 and F1200 split their group into "old" and "new".  Robert is looking forward to an exciting season in 2018.  Interested persons should contact him directly at

At this point we reviewed the 2017 results - entries per event, profits and losses, etc.  If this information is of interest to you I suggest you take a look at the slide presentation for the data.  2017 was a very good year for the Race Division in terms of entries and financially for the clubs.  Given how bad a year we had in 2016, it was important that we turn things around in 2017 and we did - here is hoping 2018 runs as well or even better.

A short competitors survey was sent out the week before the workshop.  For a copy of the results click here.

The survey was designed to focus on one aspect of each of our race groups.  For GT Sprints we talked about when/if it is appropriate to split the grid.  It was observed that the last two events of the eyar had 50+ entries on the GT Sprint grid.  The survey results show that 30-39 cars seems to be the optimal grid size and that if it can be done, splitting should occur at 50+.  

In regards to GT Challenge, the pressing question was the length of our sessions.  The most popular answer was "mixed lengths", similar to what we did in 2017.  The second most popular answer was to run 60 minute sessions.  Thanks to all those in attendance for the this discussion - Race Committee and the organizing clubs will make an announcement very soon detailing the length of the Challenge races each weekend in 2018 very soon.  Watch the website and your e-mail for an update.

For the Formula Libre grid, the question was regarding switching to brackets or keeping it as a collection of different series (FL, F1200, Radical, F4).  There was no clear preference from the people that responded to the survey so no changes are expected in how cars are classed on the Libre grid in 2018.

The results of the VARAC questions were forwarded to VARAC for thier discussion and review.

The Toyo Tires F1600 Championship was not inlcuded in the survey.  It was noted that they had a very good year and the Race Director complimented the organizers on the job they did in 2017.  We hope they have an even better year in 2018 - keep it up.

The Race Division 2018 Schedule was posted on the website in September - have a look here: to get a copy.

Very breifly, the 2018 Sponsors that have already been secured were announced and listed.  Watch your e-mail and the website for more details about the 2018 season and its sponsors.

The meeting ended around noon and was followed by a light lunch before the CASC-OR AGM started at 2:00pm.