Are you ready for the first event at TMP? Run through our checklist to ensure you are!

time attack director / Tag: Time Attack, OTA Event 1 at TMP 2016

I just want to add a few things to ensure that our participants in event #1 are ready.

Space is running out because we have close to 40 drivers registered. We were targeting 45 participants, so to accommodate everyone and ensure we have a well-organized and safe event please do the following. Remember, we are volunteer run and the more everyone cooperates in the registration process the more time you save our volunteers so they can also share the track with us, as most of them are also competitors. Please respect their time.

1.       Register at motorsportreg.com. We do not collect money from msreg or you up front. So if you feel there is a good chance of attending but are not sure, please register. If you cannot make it just email us prior to the event or go to msreg and change your attendance.

a) OTA Time Attack: http://www.motorsportreg.com/events/...eattack-778506
b) OTA Raw Time Challenge: http://www.motorsportreg.com/events/...ontario-996020
c) Saturday morning lapping: http://www.motorsportreg.com/events/...rk-casc-893150

2. If you are not sure of what category you are competing in, or what your car is rated, send me a note and we will assign someone to help you out. Remember, we want everyone to compete in a fair way, so categorizing your car helps with that agenda.

3. PIP Schedules for competitors in Time Attack should be completed and you can easily do this at http://www.casc.on.ca/time-attack/car-classification for Raw Time Challenge please read this Bulletin http://www.casc.on.ca/time-attack/raw-time-challenge-bulletin

You should bring a copy of your PIP schedule in the car when you compete. This is should we need to confirm the class your racing in.

4. Licensing: If your only lapping you do not need a license, if you are competing in Time Attack and/or Raw Time Challenge you do need a license.

You must be affiliated with one of the Federation of Clubs with CASC-OR. If you are not and need to join a club  contact me.

Licenses are free because OTA is paying for them at $25. You need to fill out an application before you come to the event http://www.casc.on.ca/sites/default/files/fillableta_only_lic_app_wo_price.pdfplease send this to the address contained on the form along with a mug shot of yourself.

When you receive the license please keep it in your car or wallet as they will be required to be shown at registration that morning.

You do not require a medical with this license.

5. You need to fill out a self-inspection form and bring it to the event during inspection usually starting at 7:30 that morning. Although we have a scrutineer present to find any obvious issues with your car, you ultimately are responsible for the safety of your ride. If you are serious about this sport, you will take a look at your car to ensure you are not going to endanger yourself or anyone else on the track. If you do not have the ability to fill out the form, ask someone who does, even your own mechanic.


6. The rules are posted for your safety. The minimum requirement for time attack is an approved helmet, long pants and a long sleeve shirt. We simply use the existing daily driver safety belt as a minimum requirement. The rules are posted here: http://www.casc.on.ca/sites/default/files/p9024_2016_time_attack_rules_1.pdf


7. I know there are a few that think this is asking too much for them to race. All I can say is, these requirements are to ensure the safety of all participants in the sport. These are minimal requirements when compared to other forms of racing. We all play a role in safety, please do your part.

8. Have fun! Our competitions are friendly and you can get lots of advice just be getting to know and asking not only the organizers, but fellow competitors.

Let me know if you need any help or direction in any of these requirements, we are here to help you enjoy the track!

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