Attendance up for OTA School!

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The Ontario Time Attack School at the Driver Development Centre was held on May 14th.

Student attendance was higher than last year, which helps our sport by ensuring many new faces in years to come.

We specially want to thank Gary Wood of Canadian Track Day Adventures who helped get our numbers up though enabling his participants to attend our school.

The day started off cold and dreary, but wet driving is actually a good way of learning to drive on track because the car’s dynamics is often magnified on a wet track.

I would like to thank all the volunteers who made the day a success but in particular a few need a special thank you!

1.      Our instructors who often had to accommodate 2 students because of our large numbers.

2.      Our in class team who helped put some concepts to help the students.

3.      Most of all we need to thank those skid pad volunteers headed up by Matt Clough & Derrick Cormier. You guys were amazing because you stood out in the cold wet rain for hours to enable the students to continue their training on the cone courses!

To the students, many of them who got their sign-off at the track, thank you for participating and we hope you will join us at future events!

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