Event 7 - MIR, August 18

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Event 7 MIR August 18 2013

Event seven, the last regular OTA season event for this year, took place Sunday, August 18th at the Grand Prix Track at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.  It was greatly anticipated by all, as probably the most popular event each year on the calendar.  The track and facilities at CTMP have been continually improved and upgraded and it was exciting to take part at the “new CTMP”.  The weather was warm and sunny and the track was dry.  The many rivalries that have been brewing all season were to come to a head at this event, as class winners were finally decided.  It was also quite a treat to see a 2012 McLaren MP4 competing in MOD2, being driven by Hubert Belanger.  And it was nice to see the return of Katie and Frank Ewald, battling it out for family bragging rights.  (Nice going Katie!)

The following are some of the results for the event and some of the overall season results: 

Event 7 CTMP:

Fastest of the day, Bruce Mcintyre, ’07 Radical, lap time 82.058!

Top points, Ujjwal Verma, ‘97 BMW 328is, 100 points!

Top Novice, Steve Bortolotti, ’05 Mazda RX8, 96.457 points.

The two most populated classes remained GT3 and T1.  In GT3 Kelly Ball finished the day first in his ’10 Mustang GT and Ujjwal Verma was first in T1 in his new ride for this year, a ’97 BMW 328is.

The season overall results are now in and following are some of them:

The top three drivers overall in points are Corey Whiteman, GT2, 1996 BMW 328i in the lead, Chris Paczynski, SGT2, 2004 Corvette Z06 second and Mohamed Hussain, GT4, 1989 Honda CRX Si third.  Top novice drivers are Steve Bortolotti, GT3, 2005 Mazda RX8, Jeremy Brutzki, T1, 2001 Honda Prelude and Puneeth Tirunagari, GT3, 2003 Nissan 350Z.  Other closely contested classes are GT3, with John Coey, 2010 MazdaSpeed 3 in first place, John Paczynski, 2004 Honda S2000 in second and Kelly Ball, 2010 Mustang GT moving into third.  In T1 Barry Greenaway, 1997 Mazda Miata remains in first place, Pierre Lefebvre, 1991 Honda CRX in second and Rob Hall in his 1999 Mazda Miata in third.  Some of the other results are Sal Vilardo, GT1 in first place in his 1988 Ford Mustang, closely followed by Carsten Gieschen in his 2003 BMW M3.  Corey Whiteman easily won GT2 in his 1996 BMW 328i, with Gary Wood in his 2005 Mazda RX8 placing second.  There are many more close results, so be sure to check them all out at the CASC website under Time Attack.  Congratulations to all.  

Thanks to the SPDA for hosting the event and the school, which took place on the Saturday of the same weekend.  Blake Yoworski organized with the assistance of many and did an outstanding job.  Thanks to all of you. 

Although the regular season events have now been completed, it’s not over yet!  As has been mentioned before, on Sunday, September 29th there will be a “new for this year” final “Shoot-out”, elimination rounds style event, to determine the overall OTA champion driver for the year.  The class

winners that have been determined by season points will remain, but to be declared the overall winner of the OTA series for 2013, one will have to survive this new event right to the very end.  It should be very suspenseful and loads of fun.  Who will make it to the “last car standing”?  We’ll have to wait and see….make sure you’re there!

Kelly Ball, Ontario Time-Attack, Car #61

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