Events 1 & 2 - DDT, June 8/9

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Events 1 & 2 DDT, June 8/9, 2013

Events one and two of the 2013 Ontario Time Attack schedule took place Saturday and Sunday, June 8th and 9th at the Driver Development Track at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.  Both events were a great success!  The weather was excellent, with a dry track both days, and sunny skies on Sunday.  We ran counter-clock wise all weekend, with one kink at the south end of the track on Saturday and no kink, running the perimeter of the track on Sunday.  There was a great turn-out, with several first time participants.  Judging from the smiles on the drivers faces during the weekend and positive comments on the OTA forum, I believe many will become regulars.  A (very) wide angle photo was taken of the drivers and their cars; all parked on the track in front of the big Sunoco sign.  I’m looking forward to seeing the shot.  It should be a good one. 

There was a lot of very good driving out there and much improvement, as the winter “rusties” disappeared and the confidence and skill started to take over.  The upgrades, changes, adjustments and strategies that took place over the winter months started to come together and the results will show what still needs to be done.  Once again, there were some excellent lap times recorded and some lap time records being rewritten!  Congratulations to all and especially the class winners.  The top three competitors after the first two events are Chris Paczynski with a perfect 200 points, Corey Whiteman at 198.6 and Lloyd Martin with 198.4. The competition looks very tight this year.  For example, on Sunday, Sal Vilardo, Carsten Gieschen and Alexander Mankovski, in GT1, were all separated by only 4/10ths of a second.  In GT3, John Coey was first, but John Paczynski and Andrew Van de Peer at 2nd and 3rd place were separated by only 4/100ths of a second!  There were too many close contests like this to mention them all, but it goes to show what great competition there is and great driving by all. There’s good numbers in most classes too, with thirteen participants in GT3, nine in T1 and eight in SGT3. 

Events three and four, at Shannonville Motorsport Park, will be hosted by the HADA Motorsport Club on June 22/23.  We will be running the Long and Pro tracks, which are very different (and faster) than the DDT, so I’m sure everyone is looking forward to it. I know I am.  I’ll be reporting back after Shannonville, when half the season will be under our belts and the contenders for the top finishes will start to show.

Many thanks are due to the Oshawa Motor Sport Club for hosting the first two events.  Special thanks to Bruce Gray and Dave Baker, the organizers of the events.  None of this could happen without the help of all the volunteers and the sponsors.  Thanks to all of you.

Kelly Ball, Ontario Time-Attack, Car #61

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