Licensing Special Announcement for Time Attack in the 2016 Season

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With rising track related costs and ever lower trending participation, Ontario Time Attack’s Committee was determined to increase participation!

Several steps have been taken to achieve this goal. Lowering track event prices and reducing the number of events to make it easier for participation was one step.

Another will be to introduce a new sub-series of OTA called Raw Time Challenge (RTC). This way, you have to choice of running your car indexed under CCDB under many classifications or just run it against the clock with minimal classifications required. Stay tuned as Dave Barker will be putting more information together on RTC shortly.

So what is the There is the good news for all participants? With the cooperation of CASCOR, who also recognized the need to assist OTA with lowering operating expenses, we have lowered the fee to about one third of last year’s prices, for a special Time Attack license to $25 for 2016.

Not bad, but the OTA Committee has decided to make it even easier for you to participate, because for a limited time they are offering to pay for the $25 for any participant in OTA for 2016.

So no more excuses not competing with us on the track because the cost to you for licensing is ZERO dollars and all you need to do is just apply for it when we are ready to accept them.

Some notes, we will have the forms ready to apply for the special Time Attack shortly. We  will start by taking applications at the Open House at JRP on Saturday, April 2nd, complete with your picture.

This special license is only for time attack. Some notes if you’re competing in other CASC-OR events:

1.       The Time Attack License qualifies you only for Time Attack, if you want to participate in any other CASCOR discipline, you must purchase a separated license including Auto Slalom.

2.       If you already purchased a Class “C” license, ie for Ice Racing, then that licenses enables you to participate in Time Attack.

3. You must be registered with one of the affiliated clubs, either as an existing or new member to qualify for this special license.

See you at the track!

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