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Ontario Time-Attack Bulletin Mar 28/2016

Ontario Time-Attack will be adding 4 additional classes to the Mobil 1 Ontario Time-Attack Series Championship for 2016.

All entrant cars must have started as street chassis vehicles (i.e. no tube frame or race chassis only cars). The new classes will be known as Raw Time Challenge classes and are based on weight to horsepower ratios of the competing car as it was delivered from the manufacturer. The rules are designed to be very “loose” allowing a number of modifications. For drivers choosing to run in the Raw Time Challenge classes, this bulletin replaces most of sections 3 to 6 of the Ontario Time-Attack rule book.  Please note that sections 1 and 2 of the rule book apply to all Ontario Time-Attack classes as do sections 3.5  to 3.8.

            The new classes known as RTC for Raw Time Challenge are defined below

Base Classes:

RTC3:  OEM power to weight ratio of greater than 15 lbs/hp.

RTC2:  OEM power to weight ratio of greater than 11 to 15 lbs/hp.

RTC1:  OEM power to weight ratio of greater than 7 to 11 lbs/hp.

RTC Unlimited: OEM Power to weight ratio of under 7 lbs/hp.

Note that all engine modifications, chassis lightening, suspension modifications, gearing modifications and aerodynamic modifications are allowed with the following exceptions:

Engine swap: For any car with an engine swap, power to weight ratio must be re-calculated based on manufacturer published OEM horsepower of the engine being swapped in.

Aftermarket or non OE turbochargers or Superchargers: The addition of a turbocharger or supercharger to a vehicle or the changing of an existing turbocharger or supercharger to a device not sold OEM for that vehicle will move the vehicle classification to the next fastest class.


Using tires of a UTQG rating of 60 to 139 will move a car to the next fastest class

Using tires with a UTQG rating of 59 or less will move a car to the class that is 2 classes faster

Racing Slicks can only be used in RTC Unlimited class

Special safety requirements for RTC Unlimited:  All RTC unlimited cars require roll over protection as well as the driver must use a nomex or similar type fire protection suit unless the car comes OEM with less than 7 lb/hp. All cars using racing slicks must have roll over protection and the driver must wear a nomex or similar fire protection suit.

Scoring:  Scoring will not use the PAX system and will be based on the fastest time in class as follows

100 points for first in class
70 points for second in class
50 points for third in class
30 points for fourth in class
20 points for fifth in class
10 points for sixth in class

Points will be cumulative over the season with the class winners based on best accumulated points for 5 out of 6 events.

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