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Ontario Time-Attack Bulletin Mar 28/2016

Ontario Time-Attack will be adding 4 additional classes to the Mobil 1 Ontario Time-Attack Series Championship for 2016. Read more »

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With rising track related costs and ever lower trending participation, Ontario Time Attack’s Committee was determined to increase participation!

Several steps have been taken to achieve this goal. Lowering track event prices and reducing the number of events to make it easier for participation was one step. Read more »

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Our 2016 Season is almost ready to go with new lower prices per event and a smaller more manageable schedule, we want to make it easy for you to participate. Please be sure to visit our forum page to learn more.


We also have a few new announcements about licensing and a possible new sub-series to attract more drivers to our events. Stay tuned for more!

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Our year ended with some fierce competition from old favourites to new exciting drivers. The results 
also reflect the core focus of Ontario Time attack that emphasizes “competitive driving technique” 
and not what you drive.