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Author: CASC Office on Tuesday, November 7, 2023 - 21:29

AGM Members Report - Karting


CASC-OR’s commitment to supporting and helping the growth of Karting continues. With a Karting committee that has a monthly Zoom call (second Wednesday of every month at 7pm) which allows all affiliated Clubs and Tracks an open forum to communicate and express their experiences, views and listen to one an other’s issues, concerns, and solutions.


  • Over the past couple of seasons there has been a continued increase in registrations for Arrive & Drive programs at most of our sanctioned tracks. The increase in competitors at this grass roots level is a healthy sign that racing in general is continuing to attract new interest and involvement in motor racing.
  • This is a positive opportunity for CASC to expand and create their own three race ‘Regional’ 4 stroke Championship series. This would help those CASC affiliated clubs attract a number of A&D racers who wish to take the next step towards racing at a higher level. It also would allow existing club racers that don’t necessarily want to compete at a ‘National level’ style of event the opportunity to race at a more ‘family’ style event.
  • This in turn would help to unite/connect the participating clubs, drivers and tracks that are affiliated with CASC. This intermingling would be a good opportunity for those who may not have a reason to and to help build the Karting community.
  • Over the past two seasons, I’ve had the opportunity to visit and perform track inspections for all eight affiliated tracks. I’m pleased to say that track owners understand what it takes to provide a safe racing environment and provide a clean and supportive venue.
  • Part of my Role as Karting Director has been to communicate with GDS ASN Canada. Over the past two years I’ve been in touch with National Karting Steward Norman Jennings. We’ve chatted multiple times on several different issues concerning the Rules and Regulations, and the Technical Regulations which CASC-OR Karting clubs compete under, I’ve also spoken with Ron Fellows at length to discuss the future of Karting in Ontario and how CASC can contribute to the growth of ‘National Level’ events.
  • One of the most underrated issues that face Karting events and all types of racing in general is Marshals. Many tracks and clubs are in desperate need of more marshals at their events. They’ve expressed the need for help in attracting and keeping them for the season and beyond. Incentives or some type of bonus/credit to those who volunteer for the season have been discussed.
  • Another important topic of discussion has been the need for a regional directory of Kart License holders. That way tracks and clubs can get a quick look at and be able to identify who and what drivers are competing on any given weekend without worrying about non-compliant drivers.
  • Karting in Ontario looks healthy and will continue to grow in the future with the right guidance and support from the affiliated Tracks, Clubs, members and CASC-OR.

Robin Buck, Karting Division Director