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Author: CASC Office on Monday, June 27, 2022 - 19:13

UMN is a club of Miata (MX-5) faithful. While most of our 240 members are in the National Capital Region, our membership covers the Seaway and the Ottawa Valleys extending to Montreal.  Having fun together with our Miatas is the essence of our Club. Trips along twisty roads (either for a day or longer, or maybe just to have an ice cream) bring us joy. Safety is always paramount. We have developed tour guidelines to reduce risks and recommend the use of CB radios to alert us to hazards.  An annual driving school also helps enhance our safe driving skills.

Monthly meetings are more social than business. And while we gather at a local garage to work on our cars, the work is usually shared, and often supplemented by a BBQ. As a Club we come together to support local charities including food banks, women’s shelters, and groups promoting the mental health of first responders. Soon, we hope to once more offer rides to those living in Senior Residences. For while our Miatas have brought us together, giving back through our Club activities help us share in our fun.