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Incorporated in 1980, Canadian Automobile Sport Clubs Ontario Region (CASC-OR) is the FIA’s regional sporting authority for Ontario. With a mandate to foster the growth of club sport in Ontario, and to elevate the region’s profile in international automobile sport, CASC-OR encourages member participation in regional, national and international automobile events, and also endorses international participation in events within the region.

CASC-OR strives to support this mandate with top-line event organization, uniform regulations and consistent officiating. As a result, CASC-OR clubs and events enjoy enviable reputations within the North American motorsport community.

Some of the benefits to motorsports clubs, and their members, of affilation with CASC-OR are;

Access To Insurance

As Canada’s FIA-appointed National Sporting Authority, ASN Canada FIA negotiates a new motorsport insurance policy each year. In Ontario, access to coverages under this policy is granted exclusively to CASC-OR affiliated clubs.

Facilities and Equipment

Affiliated clubs have access to a pool of facilities and equipment, and Ontario’s most extensive and organized network of event officials. By facilitating increased communication between local clubs, as well as shared access to resources, CASC-OR helps maintain a high standard for event organization throughout the region.

Advocacy For Motorsports

In the collective interests of more than 2,000 affiliated members in 30 affiliate clubs, associations and industry associates, CASC-OR continuously identifies relevant and emerging issues in Ontario motorsport.

Our affiliates benefit from the efforts of executive and ad-hoc focus groups with expert members from throughout the region. Throughout its history, CASC-OR has enlisted the help of its knowledgeable member base to fulfil its role as Ontario’s motorsport authority.

Our committees investigate and advise on policies, laws and trends, with a mandate to serve the best interests of Ontario’s motorsport participants, clubs and supporting companies.

The results are seen in Ontario motorsport’s elevated standards of officiating, training, accreditation and technical preparation.

Marketing, Promotion, and Communication

CASC-OR is the region’s first motorsport contact for media and corporate interests. We generate increasing awareness for club sport activites and organizations in Ontario, and support series such as the CASC-OR GT Challenge, GT Sprints, the Ontario Formula Ford Championship, and the F1200 Drivers championship. We also provide corporate and media partners with a vehicle to reach enthusiast networks on a regional or national scale.

We strive to keep enthusiasts informed and educated on all issues of significance to them.

How To Affiliate?

CASC-OR maintains a standardized affiliation procedure to ensure that affiliated clubs are based on principles consistent with the sport’s best interest. Clubs must be registered as Ontario non-profit corporations, maintaining a schedule of regular meetings held under observance of common procedural practice. Clubs that have existed for under a year can be affiliated on a probationary basis lasting the balance of twelve months from the club’s foundation. Voting privileges are held from a club until the end of its probationary period.

Applications require a separate, signed club resolution as outlined in the application form, as well as a full club membership list, and a copy of the club’s bylaws, constitution and/or letters patent. Minutes of at least 4 club meetings are also required, as well as CASC-OR’s affiliation fee, set annually by the board of directors.