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Author: CASC Office on Monday, December 5, 2022 - 19:45

The Demaras family sent a wonderful letter to CASC and we would like to share it with our membership…

“I wanted to take this opportunity to mention on November 27th, our family hosted the 'SO, YOU WANNA BE A RACE CAR DRIVER?' charity go-kart race in support of Melanoma Canada. The event took place at K1 Speed, the electric indoor kart track at Downsview Park. For a minimum $50 donation, drivers competed to see who would win the Grand Prize; the opportunity to drive the No. 12 / Vallis Motor Sport / F1200 car this spring at TMP Cayuga. The winner was 19 year old university student and kart racer, Nathan Wilkie.

With a lot of help from Phil and the Formula 1200 Drivers Association, we displayed the race car at K1 Speed for several days, and garnered a lot of interest from kart racing competitors. The display poster and banners were very impressive, and gave the series a very professional image. We distributed the CASC flyers that Paul Subject prepared, explaining about the open-wheel and closed-wheel series under CASC, plus the licensing requirements. I sincerely believe we will have two new drivers on track next year because of this event.

Most importantly, we collected $2,978 in donations for our charity partner, Melanoma Canada, who even sent a representative down to the track to wave the starters flag for the drivers. 

If you'd like to take a look at pictures of the event, please visit and you'll find several articles on the home page. I particularly liked this article about the fundraising aspect of the race. 

P.S. On behalf of Daniel and myself, we want to say how helpful the Bob McCallum Scholarship was this year. We considered it our duty and obligation to help promote the CASC and amateur racing in Ontario, and hope that our event demonstrated what serious people we are.”

 The Demaras Family host "SO, YOU WANNA BE A RACE CAR DRIVER?"