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Author: CASC Office on Friday, March 10, 2023 - 18:54

***Please Note***

Have an ATL Molded Fuel Cell? 

If so, you might be part of a recently released expanded recall that hasn’t really gotten much attention. ATL has found that issues have developed in some of their molded fuel cells made between October 2021 and April 2022. This includes their Sport Cells, Saver Cells, Super Cell 400 Tail tanks and Race II models with serial numbers 41641121 through 42645224.
It seems there was a problem with the resins used in the manufacture of these tanks and after prolonged exposure to fuel…they begin to do what you bought them not to do…they crack and/or leak and the entire structure is weakened, so in an accident they could crack, break or leak more.
If you happen to have bought one of these models recently it’s important to check with ATL to see if your tank is one they are concerned about. ATL can be reached at or by calling them at 800-526-5330. They will confirm if the tank you have is safe to use or will replace your tank. If you have any questions about this, it’s best to contact ATL for answers now.