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Author: CASC Office on Friday, March 29, 2024 - 00:07

Happy Easter everyone! With the long weekend just ahead, I thought we'd send out an update of everything that is going on at CASC-OR right now...

Safety Warning:

It appears that Princess Auto is selling 5 point safety harnesses that are NOT SFI Certified. So that there is no confusion, all safety harnesses in use at CASC-OR sanctioned activities MUST have the manufacturers certification label on the belts. If the label is not present the belts will be rejected - there is no leeway in this rule.

Karting Division:

First and foremost, at the February Karting Organizers meeting the decision was made to wind-up the Karting Division and remove CASC-OR from karting activities. GDS - ASN Canada has agreed to provide track inspections and all of the statutory requirements for Arrive and Drive programs pursuant to the TSSA regs.

Any karting club that would like to still affiliate with CASC-OR to take advantage of our insurance program may do so. Please contact Jennifer in the office if your club would like to do so.

Autoslalom Division:

An all clubs MEETING for the Autoslalom Division will be held April 10 at 7:30pm by Zoom. The meeting is open to anyone that would like to attend - it is important that each of the Autoslalom clubs have a representative to co-ordinate this summers activities.

Ice Racing Division:

The season may be over, but there is still time to register to attend the 2024 Ice Racing Awards Banquet being held on April 11. Show your support for Ice Racing - register today.

Time Attack Division:

Ontario Time Attack has published their 2024 Schedule. Registration opens on April 13.

Registration is already open for the 2024 OTA Club Challenge Team. Put together your best team and compete for the Cup!

Race Division: There is a lot happening right now!

Miata Canada Cup - new for 2024 is the single marque Miata Canada Cup Series. Designed to offer a low cost introduction to road racing, for 2024 the series will run at 4 events. We are asking all competitors to REGISTER in advance for the series.

The series specific car prep rules are on the CASC-OR website: 2024 Miata Rules. We have kept them as close to the SCCA Spec Miata rules as possible. No spec tire in 2024 - just a 180 treadwear requirement. Remember, all cars competing in a CASC-OR sanctioned road racing event must meet all published CASC-OR requirements.

Pirelli Tires GT Sprints Championships - we are please to announce that Pirelli Tires is once again providing cash prizes for both the Pirelli Super Touring (GT1-2) and Pirelli Grand Touring (GT3-4-5) run groups for 2024. You must PRE-REGISTER before May1, 2024 and meet all of the requirements to be eligible for any cash at the end of the season.

Brack Driving Concepts Rookie of the Year - thanks to Brack Driving Concepts for once again sponsoring Race Divisions' Rookie of the Year competition. To be considered, competitors must PRE-REGISTER. No points may be awarded for any events that occur before you register for the competition.

Annual Tech Inspections - the Regional Chief Scrutineer, Mike Nilson, has set up a system to have your car(s) inspected at your home before the 2024 season starts. To take advantage please PRE-REGISTER. Mike has already arranged a number of large pre-season tech meetings, but he'll be pleased to try and have a scrutineer come to your home to tech your car(s).

2010 Helmets have expired. Make sure your helmet is dated 2015 or newer before you get to the track. 2015 helmets do not expire until Dec 31, 2025.

BEMC Spring Trophy Races - registration is open for the May 4-5 races at CTMP.

There's lots more going on, but this message is too long already... Stay tuned for more announcements in the next few weeks...

See you at the track! T