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Author: CASC Office on Wednesday, November 15, 2023 - 17:55

Good day everyone!

I sent out this message to the e-mail addresses we have the club presidents of for the 6 affiliated clubs that host AS activities.  We do not have contact information for Peterborough (PMSC) or Thunder Bay (TBAC).  Please forward this message if you have names for either of these clubs.

On Sunday at the CASC-OR Annual Members’ Meeting there were no nominations for the position of Autoslalom Director and so none was elected.  I undertook to schedule a meeting of the 8 AS clubs to discuss this and to conduct whatever business there needs to be done as far as planning for 2024 goes.

Here is the link:

Wednesday, Nov 22 at 7 pm by video conference.  The meeting is open to whomever wishes to attend, but I would greatly appreciate it if at least one member of each club (with the authority to make decisions) attends.


  1. Position of AS Director for 2024-25
  2. Rule changes for 2024
  3. Regional Championship event for 2024
  4. Schedules for 2024
  5. Communications for AS clubs/officials/competitors

Please send me an e-mail advising who will be representing your club at this meeting.  Thanks T

Ted Michalos, President CASC-OR